Heartland Business Transitions, Inc. provides intermediary and investment banking services for the critical transitions faced by businesses – mergers, acquisitions, business sales and ownership successions.

Stephen J. Dinehart III is Executive Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Business Transitions, Inc.  He is also President of Equity for Business Inc., the internet site operator of MoolaPitch.com. MoolaPitch.com is a securities crowdfunding site that addresses the capital needs of start-ups and growing early stage companies. He has been involved in M&A advisory work and fund-raising for 25 years. Steve has negotiated transactions ranging from less than a million dollars to one hundred million dollars. He has led both Regulation D and Regulation A offerings.

Steve also started an affiliate company – which addressed business development strategies in biomass feedstock supply markets and risk mitigation strategies for feedstock supplies. In that role, he served as Project Director for the Biomass Commodity Exchange (“BCEX”). The BCEX has been focused on development of the market infrastructure necessary for the coordination of biomass feedstock supplies for the production of biofuels and biopower.

Prior to Heartland Business Transitions, Steve was founding partner of Chicago Brewing Company in 1989, the largest bottling brewery in Illinois. He also successfully realized the first ATF approval for the import of a concentrated hard cider into the United States for subsequent finishing and retail packaging. Subsequently, he was active in M&A advisory work in the beverage industry, having successfully negotiated the purchase of several beverage companies, plus divestitures of beverage brands and manufacturing facilities.  

Earlier, Steve was Senior Economist at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), charged with the development of nontraditional commodity markets. His work varied from working on the first emissions trading programs, to the development of cash market trading systems and the establishment of a swap-clearing house. Prior to the CBOT, he held the position of Senior Economist at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in Washington, D.C. At the CFTC, he primarily focused on the natural resource futures markets – including the first crude oil futures markets – and the effect of futures and options markets on underlying markets, including capital formation in the United States.

Steve holds Series 24, Series 79, Series 82 and Series 63 FINRA registrations plus a Wisconsin real estate broker license. He received his graduate degrees in agricultural economics and economics from Michigan State University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.