Heartland Business Transitions, Inc. provides intermediary and investment banking services for the critical transitions faced by businesses – mergers, acquisitions, business sales and ownership successions.


Heartland Business Transitions’ Deal Services with an Identified Buyer  

Critical Takeaways

  • Identifying a buyer is less than half of Heartland Business Transitions' job. Our most critical contributions are structuring the LOI and guiding the transaction to the close. A willing buyer does not equate into a successful closing.

  • Heartland Business Transitions has guided multiple transactions to a closing with a seller – indentified buyer. Heartland Business not only brings a wealth of deal expertise to a table but can provide an effective negotiation buffer between the buyer and seller during the sale process.

The Situation

A manufacturer of audio and video components and software sought out Heartland Business Transitions’ expertise in closing the sale of their company. The seller had already begun the sale process and had found an interested buyer in a billion dollar publicly traded Distribution Company that wanted to diversify their portfolio by expanding into manufacturing.

Despite having identified their buyer, they felt that they could get much more out of the deal and maximize their earnings with Heartland’s proficiency in structuring and executing the deal. They felt that an experienced intermediary would assist them in realizing the full potential of their sale and would help ease the process.


Our client recognized that they would not be able to get the same results on their own that they would get if they partnered with Heartland Business Transitions. They brought us on to help draft an LOI that would position the purchase of the company into that qualified buyer’s hands.

We consulted with our client through the entirety of the deal. We provided our services in navigating and structuring the deal, negotiating the terms and ultimately worked to bring the deal to a successful and mutually beneficial close.  

We were able to keep the acquisition on track by providing the deal focus and expertise that was necessary. Heartland provided the client with creative solutions while crafting a transaction structure that appealed to all the objectives both parties desired.


Heartland Business Transitions was able to recognize the benefits of joining two complementary firms and was able to navigate potential deal hurdles to join the two together.

The resulting acquisition provided our client with an incredible distribution and sale partner that created new opportunities for the client’s product line and team. Our client was able to stay in the same city it was built in and the founder was able to stay on to guide operations, preventing confusion by employees and customers. The company was able to maintain its same focus on research and the development of new products. The deal enabled an analog-to-digital manufacturing transition for the buyer and helped them benefit from the existing relationships that our client had developed in the industry over the last decade.

If we had not been brought on to help with the deal transaction, this deal could have fell through and the mutual benefits of partnership would have gone on unrecognized. We were able to successfully bring each party what they desired out of the transaction with minimal bumps along the way.