Heartland Business Transitions, Inc. provides intermediary and investment banking services for the critical transitions faced by businesses – mergers, acquisitions, business sales and ownership successions.


A Prepared Seller Equals a Quick Sale

Critical Takeaways

  • As your advisor, Heartland Business Transitions is part of your sales team from preparation through execution.

  • The more prepared you are the quicker your sale will be closed.

  • Heartland Business Transitions can suggest actions you can take today to benefit your sale even if you don't wish to sell for one or more years.

  • Unforseen problems will arise even for the most prepared seller. Heartland Business Transitions can find solutions that will bridge the deal to a successful close.

The Situation

A business-to-business service firm providing cultural, language and destination services for international executive relocation, turned to Heartland Business Transitions for help after a failed first attempt to sell. The owner established the business 30 years prior to the sale after she recognized a need in the marketplace for this type of service following a bad personal experience with an overseas relocation. Under her direction, the company grew into a global entity with well-recognized international clients and representation in over 200 cities in 57 countries worldwide.

In preparation for the sale, our client took aggressive steps starting four years in advance by hiring a second in command and stepping aside from day-to-day operations. This foresight and preparedness made the company an ideal client for us to work with on an expedient sale.


We were able to locate a buyer for our client that was looking for a business opportunity he could step into and run. The sale process proceeded rapidly. The company was listed in November, the buyer submitted an offer letter in December, a two-way LOI was executed in January and closing was scheduled for April.

Unfortunately, the sale encountered a hurdle when the largest client failed to execute a contract renewal on a timely basis. The risk that the lack of a renewal presented to the buyer prevented him from going through with the original terms. To address this 


Despite the hurdle, the deal was able to proceed smoothly. Our expertise allowed us to navigate through this setback to work with the buyer and seller to design a structure that was flexible enough for the buyer but assured the seller that she would receive full value.

The company is growing under the new CEO, new president and senior VP with our client assisting on some projects in a consulting role. The sale was especially successful due to the client’s preparation. The owner transitioned out of the executive role for enough time so that it was clear that operations were not only steady but that business was actually growing under the newly hired executive. Further, the newly-hired executive that had operational control would continue to work for the company after the sale. This allowed for our client’s confidence in the firm’s future and therefore the agreement to the earn-out structure. The partnership between Heartland Business Transitions and our client resulted in a deal that benefited all that were involved.