Heartland Business Transitions, Inc. provides intermediary and investment banking services for the critical transitions faced by businesses – mergers, acquisitions, business sales and ownership successions.


Client Testimonial 1

The buyer came to us before we wanted to sell. We looked to get advice from a professional and that’s where Heartland Business Transitions came into the mix. I needed someone to assemble a deal in a way that made sense for me as the seller. We were negotiating with a much, much larger company and we needed an equitable position in what felt like a David and Goliath scenario. HBT’s involvement in negotiating the deal terms plus the post-LOI legal and accounting issues allowed us to work as a team and negotiate without feeling like we were being overwhelmed by a very large buyer. HBT did things that were creative; we were up against highly educated MBA and law school types and we didn’t feel like we were the little guys, even though we absolutely were. Our process took considerably longer than expected because the buyer purposely delayed the process as a negotiation tactic. However, as a team we were able to stick it out because of HBT’s involvement. A lot of people in that situation would have given up, and having someone there to remain patient and work us through the end of the deal was very important to us. Our Managing Director provided the navigation required to go through the process of selling a business. The challenge is when you start in on a project like this, you don’t know what you don’t know, and so you need to find someone who knows what kind of pitfalls are ahead and where they will be. He was able to tell me what would happen during the process and helped me work through the problems. Without that guidance and knowledge, the average guy trying to sell on their own would be way more challenged. If I didn’t have someone like my advisor to work through the process with me I could have gotten lost. He took a very hands-on and personal approach and we got to know each other quite intimately over the period of working together. I came to understand how he communicated so we were able to quickly resolve issues when they came up. I would definitely work with HBT again and recommend them to others. In fact, I have friends right now in a position to sell and HBT came to my mind right away. I had a great experience with a positive result and I would hope others have the chance to as well. Beyond using HBT for M&A services, I would also trust them to help me brainstorm and advise me on how to set up and execute a future sale.
-Owner AV Device and Software Manufacturer


Client Testimonial 2

We began working with Heartland Business Transitions when our current deal maker wasn’t working out. It was readily apparent that HBT had a great deal of experience in selling companies like ours and understood all the issues and challenges that go along with selling a company. Because of their experience, we decided HBT was the right fit to partner with us to sell our company. I personally enjoyed doing business with our Managing Director. He had a great personality and was knowledgeable, thorough and hardworking. He was very easy to interact with, especially when it came to dealing with difficult owners like us. He took everything in stride and worked hard to get us a deal done. It was a great overall experience. Through the entire process we were treated very well, even though we were very “green” about what the entire procedure would entail. He was a trusted advisor and advocate for us. HBT first tried to fully understand our desires and then guided us towards meeting those goals by using their knowledge of previous deals on how to best market and present our company out in the marketplace. Ultimately, the most important benefit was HBT helped us achieve our goal by getting our company sold for an exceptional price. HBT’s experience guided and directed us through the entire process. We received good information that helped us evaluate our options, allowing us to make better decisions. Without HBT’s help, we would not have been able to negotiate the deal we were able to get. I would absolutely love to work with Heartland Business Transitions again to sell, or even purchase, another business because of their extensive knowledge of M&A and their proven capability of “getting the job done.”
-Owner of an Internet Provider Company


Client Testimonial 3

I was very lucky to have worked with Heartland Business Transitions. I have had many friends who after selling their businesses felt very unsatisfied with their results. There always seemed to be grumbling and regrets after the sale process had gone through. I feel completely differently. It has been over two years since my sale and I could not be happier with my results and where I am at currently. Business owners who think that they can manage this process on their own are bidding against themselves. They have no idea about all the nuances and intricacies that come up during the sales process and having someone knowledgeable to guide you makes all the difference. If I had another company to sell, there is no doubt that I would go through HBT again. I have recommended their services to friends in similar situations. They were proactive, thorough and realistic and were able to land me the deal I wanted.
-Owner of a Business Service Provider


Client Testimonial 4

After talking to half a dozen options for M&A representation, we decided to go with Heartland Business Transitions because we thought they were going to get the job done. It was very important that we felt we could relate to our advisor and feel comfortable with them. We found that with HBT, our Managing Director could speak on my level and also had a lot of experience. One of the most important benefits that I got from working with HBT was the ability to contact my advisor whenever necessary. He provided multiple numbers for me to call him on and allowed me to call at home or when he was on vacation. Whether it was Saturday at ten at night, or eight in the morning, he was always there, and if I didn’t get him the first time he called back right away. Our Managing Director understood that I had very limited experience with the sale process, and although it came very easy for him, he was always patient and there to work me through the process. Over the year from start to close, he ended up understanding my business better than I had been able to in seven or eight years. Ultimately, I wanted a partner through my sale process. HBT was clear about this goal. In the end, that’s what I got, and I think I got a good partner. I would absolutely work with Heartland Business Transitions again and recommend them to others. They have done very well for us.
-Owner, Food Processor

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